11 Fun-key yoga poses to do with your child...

As winter approaches we tend to stay inside more. Without a lot of physical activity children’s energy can become stagnant and they can grow restless. Try the following sequence with your child for a fun and relaxing imaginary journey into nature that is designed to release any stale energy in the body and bring it back to its harmonious

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Twin facts...

Did you know that 1 in 80 births in Australia are twins? And that 95% of multiple births are twins? Do you know what factors can increase your chances of having twins? . Your age: yes that’s right the later you wait to have children th

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Music makes kids clever...

When I was a child, I remember taking music lessons which I loved, but my parents stressing to me that although music was fun, I needed to concentrate on ‘real’ subjects like Maths and science if I wanted to make something of my life.  Their biggest fear I think, was that I would end up a ‘Musician’, which to them was not a real career bu

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Yoga for Kids...

Yoga for kids  by Sonja Olsen, Fun-Key Yoga Many perceive Yoga to be the art of contorting into strange poses, whilst meditating & making ‘ommming’ sounds.  Little do most realize, is that the ancient art of yoga provides so many benefits to us in this modern, ‘hurry up’ world, it’s almost as if it

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Nature Versus Nurture...

Nature versus nurture?…This is an age old question. Every year more and more studies are published to show that childhood development is influenced by a variety of factors. As a parent you not only supply the gene pool for your child but directly influence their everyday activities and environment. Everyone is born wi

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