Banana Ghosts

banana ghosts

These banana ghosts are the perfect spooky treat, and an easy way to get more fruit into your kids diets. All it takes is bananas and chocolate chips. In 15 minutes you’ll have the perfect easy Halloween snacks!


– Bunch of bananas, one per ghost

– Milk chocolate chips

– Optional: white chocolate


1. Slice the bananas at a slight diagonal to balance out the curvature of the banana and allow the bananas to stand up

2. Melt a few chocolate chips, just enough to act as a glue for the chocolate chip eyes

3. Add the melted chocolate to the bottom of the chocolate chips, and stick the chips onto the banana as the eyes

If you want to make the ghosts more of a treat, or making them brighter white, you can coat the bananas in melted white chocolate or some yogurt. Just coat the bananas after you cut them and let them solidify before you put the eyes on!