Fun-key Music

fun-key music program

Fun-Key Music sessions are designed for primary and pre-school-aged children to learn singing and performance skills as an extra-curricular activity. The main focus of this performance-based program is to teach basic music concepts in a non-threatening environment.

We define the basics of singing, music and performance as:

  • breathing techniques;
  • vocal hygiene, proper use and care of the voice so as to avoid damage and injury;
  • proper vowel placement;
  • microphone technique and performance skills;
  • choreographed and modern dances;
  • basic harmony;
  • understanding of basic rhythms and time signatures;
  • understanding of musical terms such as the treble and bass clefs, ‘piano’, ‘forte’, etc.

The overall aims of the program are to develop confidence, self-esteem and social skills and to nurture an interest in music through performance and other activities whilst exploring these basic concepts.

More information on classes for 2024 coming soon.

fun-key music program

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