Our Programs

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hey dee ho recognise the unique needs and interests of each child and have developed a range of play-based activities to address the varied developmental needs of all children from birth to age 5.

hey dee ho’s four educational programs are offered for all ages and have all been specifically designed to nurture cognitive and physical development in babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Energetic fitness with hey dee ho active 8; physical strength and mindfulness with fun-key yoga; music, dance and Auslan signing with hey dee ho music; drama, literacy and storytelling with The Fiction Factory.

With an ongoing commitment to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, mindfulness and gender equality standpoints in each program, hey dee ho’s focus on research aims to maximise educational outcomes and support the Early Learning Years Framework and National Quality Standards.

From relaxation and mindfulness to playing musical instruments to high energy dances, hey dee ho's programs engage and enhance children's learning and fine motor development in a fun, play-based environment.

Music – Sing, Dance, Play, Learn

The hey dee ho music program is an educational music experience where children learn the concepts of beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch and dynamics in a play-based environment.

Different educational themes are presented each week using props, puppets, costumes and percussion instruments to deliver a multi-sensory experience.

Our four key focus areas presented throughout the year are; Key Sign Language, multicultural languages, Kodaly (Sol Fa) singing method and spatial awareness. Music improves fine and gross motor skills, visual and auditory processing, and cognitive learning. Through regular participation, using their imagination and role play activities, children also experience improved memory, language and social skills.


Yoga – Animated & creative wellbeing program

Our Fun-key yoga program is a perfect blend of relaxation techniques combined with noisy and animated fun to captivate children’s imagination. Our yoga instructors use storytelling, games, music and props to engage the children on a mental and physical level, taking them on a journey of mind and spirit. Promoting health and wellbeing, participants have a strong sense of self and belonging whilst stretching their bodies and minds in a playful and nurturing environment.

Focusing on breath and energy, children are provided with basic tools to assist in managing anxiety and self-regulation. Our fun-key yoga children enjoy building; strength and flexibility, body awareness, mindfulness, imagination and concentration, balance and coordination.

Drama – Interactive movement and storytelling

The Fiction Factory is a high energy and creative experience that takes children on an interactive, dramatic storytelling adventure.

The program utilises different methods of storytelling to nurture children’s vocabulary and imagination. Fiction Factory combines poetry, theatre games and drawing & movement stories, providing a mix of active and passive drama activities. Each session includes body strengthening & aerobic movement for a complete literary workout.

Designed to foster a love of literature and the spoken word, each class covers a new theme where children delve into a world of myth, legend and folktales from cultures all over the world. Fiction Factory participants enjoy expressing themselves in new and interesting ways each week and experience growth in; literacy, communication and aural skills, creativity and imagination, confidence and self-esteem

Fitness – Multi-skilled fitness program

hey dee ho active 8 is a movement and fitness program for children of all ages where they explore and discover their abilities through physical activity. Children enjoy performing a diverse range of movements including cheerleading and Tai Chi, where they think, create, construct and problem solve with their own bodies.

The hey dee ho active 8 program provides children with fun activities to learn more about health and nutrition, build on strength and coordination, gross motor and sports skills. Engaging and stimulating for both mind and body, the program also covers; spatial awareness, balance and core, aerobic and cardio fitness, strength and resistance, and mindfulness.