hey dee ho Active 8

early years children jumping over mini hurdle
hey dee ho Active 8 play based fitness program for early childhood

Fitness – Multi-skilled fitness program

hey dee ho active 8 is a movement and fitness program for children of all ages where they explore and discover their abilities through physical activity. Children enjoy performing a diverse range of movements including cheerleading and Tai Chi, where they think, create, construct and problem solve with their own bodies.

The hey dee ho active 8 program provides children with fun activities to learn more about health and nutrition, build on strength and coordination, gross motor and sports skills. Engaging and stimulating for both mind and body, the program also covers; spatial awareness, balance and core, aerobic and cardio fitness, strength and resistance, and mindfulness.

hey dee ho ‘Sing and Swing’ musical concerts (no children in attendance), are also available for services who are not able to invite families into their residence.