Hey dee ho Programs for Early Childhood Education

Hey dee ho educational services has been providing exceptional enrichment programs across Australia and New Zealand since 1987. Our play-based music, yoga, drama and fitness programs are suited to all ages and support childhood development and learning.

We partner with childcare and education providers to take their services to the next level by offering innovative, fun and rewarding programs that children of all ages can enjoy. We work with industry leaders and trusted experts, so our program selection is responsive and constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of today's children.

Our Programs

Hey dee ho music

Teaching the basics of music - rhythm, tempo, melody, beat and dynamics, hey dee ho music classes utilise a range of props and percussion instruments to support childhood development. These multi-sensory lessons improve children’s memory, motor skills and social skills in a playful, fun environment.

Fun-key yoga

Supporting health, physical and emotional well-being, our fun-key yoga classes focus on breath and energy work, giving children the tools to deal with stress and develop self-regulation. This program for early childhood education teaches the core principles and skills of body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility and more.

The Fiction Factory

The Fiction Factory program uses engaging storytelling techniques to nurture and enhance children’s imagination and vocabulary, encouraging a love and appreciation for reading at an early age. With active drama games, poetry, drawing and more, this is the perfect enrichment program to boost self-esteem, communication skills and creativity.

Hey dee ho active 8

The hey dee ho active 8 program for early childhood education provides children with fun activities to learn more about health and nutrition, build on strength and coordination, gross motor and sports skills. Engaging and stimulating for both mind and body, the program includes activities to develop spatial awareness, balance and core strength, aerobic and cardio fitness, muscle strength and resistance, and mindfulness.


What age group is hey dee ho for?
Our hey dee ho music classes are perfect for all ages. Activities are tailored to suit each age group guaranteeing that every child at your early learning centre, from babies and toddlers through to preschoolers, benefits from our range of early childhood education programs.
What skills do the enrichment programs support?

Our enrichment programs can help develop and support many skills, such as:

  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Cognitive learning
  • Visual and auditory processing and memory
  • Literacy, language and aural skills
  • Mindfulness, resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Social skills
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Creativity and imagination
What age groups can benefit from play-based learning?

Our enrichment programs benefit children across all age groups, from infancy through to early adolescence. Infants engage in sensory exploration and social bonding, toddlers develop language and motor skills, preschoolers enhance creativity and problem-solving, and older children refine social interactions and critical thinking through structured play experiences. We work with children up to age 5, helping aid their development in early learning centres throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Do you offer childcare incursions and early education?

Hey dee ho educational services offer enrichment programs to the early years education sector for all their programs. Classes may be run on a regular basis or as a one-off concert or event.

What is your child safety policy?

At hey dee ho educational services, we’re committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment for all children. It’s our mission to empower children and give them the tools they need to grow and develop so we have a strict recruitment and screening process for all our staff. Our Child Safety Policy can be found here and outlines our commitment to diversity and protecting and uplifting all children in our care.

What other services do you offer?
As well as our music, fitness, yoga and storytelling classes at early education and childcare services we also offer intergenerational sessions at aged care facilities, perform concerts and provide entertainment for charities and birthday parties. Singing and performance classes are available for primary school aged children in select areas. Families, Educators and Early Learning services can continue the fun via our YouTube channel.
What are intergenerational sessions?

Hey dee ho offer intergenerational sessions held at aged care facilities.  Musical concerts foster connections with children, adults and elderly residents as everyone joins in singing, dancing, using puppets and percussion instruments. Intergenerational sessions provide a wonderful opportunity to involve the community - developing precious memories in a fun filled musical environment.

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