For Early Learning Centres


Increase occupancy

Maximise attendance rates

Reduce educators admin time

Boost A&R rating

Support your QIP

Extend your curriculum

Enhance family communication

Why is hey dee ho educational services the preferred enhancement program provider to hundreds of Early Learning Centres across Australia? Our understanding of the demands placed on early childhood educators has enabled us to provide comprehensive support to services alongside our high quality, educational programs. With over thirty years working in the industry, our specialist curriculum reaches over 20,000 children per week across Australia.


  • Rely on research based, programs designed by industry specialists, under constant review and development.
  • Let us support your Centre Assessment & Rating and QIP through EYLF/NQS compliant programs, Educator Resource Documents and Family Activity Letters.
  • Sleep easy knowing we maintain Insurance, Work Cover, Superannuation, Leave/Loading and Working with Children Checks compliance for all our presenters.
  • Enjoy our professional delivery of a full faceted curriculum accompanied by theme specific resources.
  • Trust in our ongoing training commitment and quality control to ensure our teachers are providing consistent and reliable service.
  • Feel secure knowing our large team provides reliable sessions with back up teachers on standby.
  • Be safe in the knowledge that the activities in each of our programs are tailored to target developmental & learning stages of each age group.
  • We work with you to ensure that our programs align with your Centre‚Äôs requirements, giving you a competitive advantage.
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