Dr Nincompoop – Kazoo Workshops

Dr Nincompoop’s Kazoo Workshops

Dr Nincompoop is the fabulous new brainchild from Chris Falcon Hill, co-founder and artistic director of highly successful children’s show The Kazoos. The Dr Nincompoop Kazoo Workshop show is designed specifically for ELC’s and the pre-school age group.

Chris worked closely with early learning expert Margie Cohen (Dip. Ed. Early Childhood - Member: Practitioner Advisory GroupConsultant: National Early Years Learning Framework) to develop his own style of Edutainment, blending musical comedy and education.

Chris’s education and entertainment philosophy is based on the principles of scaffold learning, respect, responsibility, inclusivity and community. This is achieved through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment.

The Dr Nincompoop show encourages curiosity, cooperation, creativity, enthusiasm, persistence and imagination.

What does a session look like?

Sessions are comprised of a 30-40 minute show that introduces the kazoo and gets everyone excited and engaged. The show is followed by a workshop where every child receives their very own kazoo instrument and learns how to play in a fun and supportive environment.

Musical topics covered are:

  • Different types of musical instruments (strings, wind, percussion)
  • Tempo (Fast & slow)
  • Dynamics (Loud & soft)
  • Pitch (High & low)
  • Emotions in music (Happy & sad)

The workshop culminates with the children forming a band with Dr Nincompoop and presenting a concert to the educators, carers and any parents present.

The Dr Nincompoop Approach in Practical Terms

  • Children are active participants in a fun, engaging and empowering learning experience, and not simply passive recipients of entertainment.
  • The audience is always addressed with the all inclusive term “everybody” rather than separating the audience into boys, girls and adults.
  • The music is inclusive, recognising that pre-schoolers minds are egocentric and engaging children from their perspective.
  • Respect for the audience is characterised by content that is always age appropriate, positive and fun.

Be sure to book the Dr Nincompoop Kazoo Workshop for your next incursion and see the joy of music on the children’s faces!



Dr Knincompoop's Kazoo Workshops

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