Abi Tucker – Undersea outer space odyssey

Abi Tucker - Undersea outer space odyssey

Abi Tucker is no stranger to Early Childhood education, from her tenure as a Play School presenter on ABC TV spanning over a decade, to puppeteering for Giggle and Hoot as well as her most recent work performing, The Mermaid's Recycled Tail in kindergartens and long day care centres. Early Learning services now have the opportunity to see Abi in action in her new show, An Undersea Outer Space Odyssey.

Undersea Outer Space Odyssey explores a curious Crab's realisations, when what they thought were planets, turn out to be rocks, and the Milky Way is nothing more than a shoal of silver fish, leading them to feel confronted by their own vulnerabilities and questioning the world in which they live. Without a rocket ship, it takes an unexpected friend, a Mermaid, to convince Crab that ‘coming out of their shell' can be a blast, and that adventures are limitless within a vivid and healthy imagination.

Undersea Outer Space Odyssey is a fantastic program for services participating in World Space Week or incorporated into regular programming. Please contact hey dee ho educational services to secure your spot.


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