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Intergenerational Classes

Intergenerational Classes

Fun for the very young and the young at heart

Concerts are held at retirement and aged care facilities, on a monthly or fortnightly basis. Residents and children love to join in the activities together. You can see the joy on everyone’s faces as they join in all the activities – playing percussion instruments, using puppets and of course singing and dancing with hey dee ho. Concerts are staged around a theme and include topical children’s songs as well as a mix of current, traditional and standard favourites. Children are encouraged to interact with the residents – handing out puppets and instruments. Friendly interactions between participants and residents normalises attitudes between each generation.

Breaking down barriers

hey dee ho concerts engage up to three generations in a structured activity. Children appreciate being around the residents. Many may not see elderly people in their every day life. Musical activities often ignite long lost memories. Being immersed in music with families who participate wholeheartedly can provide a fresh and rejuvenating experience for residents.

The residents are invited to participate as much as the children as we sing, dance and make music together. Although hesitant at first, little ones begin to mingle with their elders and share the fun. The smiles are incredible and the joy that fills the room is…well, just beautiful. There is a brilliant mix of tunes from the Rockin’ Robin to the nursery rhymes, singing do-re-mi and grooving to the hokey pokey, even the staff have a good boogie. Mamma can imagine that these session would be simply beautiful for those little kids who might not have grandparents around or living close, but definitely beneficial for the residents to sing and play with the next generation. 

~ – July 16

Just wanted to say what a fantastic program you are running! My little Liam was transfixed the whole time and had a great time as did I. I managed to have a quick chat to some of the residents and hope to come back next month to meet more of them.

~ Claire with her 2 year old son

We had a ball last week my daughter got so much joy out of seeing the older people so happy.

~ Kate with her 2 children

It’s such a wonderful thing you’re doing. 

~ Alison with her baby

Hey Sonja Just wondering if I could pass on your details to my friend who runs a nursing home? She would love to chat.. I had a ball on Thursday it was amazing! 

~ Jess with her child

I think it’s an absolutely amazing idea. I work in aged care and I can see the benefits of doing this. 

~ Jess

Great, we really enjoyed it last time! My Aunt and cousin (2 adults) and their two children (x2) would also like to come along to the next one!

~ Kate with her 3 children

I would really love to book in for next month’s music session at Montrose with my son if possible? I’m a single mum and my son only has my mum as his only grandparent so would love to have more interaction with the older generation for him.

~ Nicole & her son

I saw you post about an inter-generational music group in Montrose and I’d love to attend with my kids (2.5 year old boy and 9 month twin girls). We have just moved to Australia from Canada and my kids used to spend a lot of time with their great-grandmother, but obviously not able to anymore, so I think this would be really nice. Let me know if there is room!” Erica & her 3 children, then received a message after the session.

~ My kids just had so much fun!

What a wonderful concept, wish this was running when my boys were much younger. I see so many benefits to all involved. My boys had no grandparents other than those overseas and I’m sure the elderly residents enjoy the visits too.

~ Shell

This is beautiful.

~ Katherine

I’m taking Brooklynn to this again on Thursday. It was great fun last time.

~ Lynn

What a fabulous event bringing generations together as they live life. Congratulations Sonja.

~ Jenny

How does it work?

  • Set a time and date – mornings work best for children. Somewhere between 10 and 11am seems to work best.
  • Advertise throughout the centre and social media platforms for parents, playgroups and day care providers inviting them to participate in the concerts.
  • Take bookings for the sessions – hey dee ho can do this or you can choose to look after this yourself.
  • Concerts run for around 45 minutes. hey dee ho provides all instruments, music and props.

See the program in action at your centre

Call now to discuss how we can help you set up a concert in your facility so you can see the program in person.
Ph: 1300 139 631

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