Bug Stones

Trying to take advantage of the spring sun but have run out of ideas to keep your young ones occupied? These adorable ladybug and bee stones are our favourite afternoon craft. It’s a super accessible activity as you should have all the materials at home already!

To make these stones, you will need:
– Rocks
– Paint (we used red, yellow, and black)
– Paintbrushes

Making these cute rocks is as simple as painting your desired design on the rocks. We made ladybugs and bees, but you could make any type of animal or insect.

Once you’ve made the rocks, the possibilities for fun are endless! Use sticks to make a naughts and crosses board and use them in place of x’s and o’s. You could hide them around the backyard to play hide and seek with them. You could even go for a walk and place them around the street or at a park for a cute surprise for other people to find!