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Pauline Adams And Harrison Gra...

Pauline Adams And Harrison Grainger

Thank you Amanda for the time Harrison and I have been coming to hey dee ho. I am really excited by the program and have seen how Harrison has grown and developed with it. From an Early Childhood perspective I love the structure of the session, it is very predictable to the little children, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. I love the content, the concepts, high/low, fast/slow etc, the familiar songs and the introduction of new songs. I love the activities, the change from sitting, to moving, to using puppets and instruments and the packing up. It is wonderful how Harrison has learnt to pack up and as we saw the other day to sort as he packed up. I have found his articulation when singing has been very clear and his ability to hum from an early age has been great and to sing a song in his head is amazing.

One of the very first things he learnt was STOP. What an incredible skill to learn so young to control yourself and stop when the music stops or to stop with a signal. We both come away from your sessions so refreshed and energised it is wonderful. As you have also observed Harrison is an observer during the session but when we go home he sings the songs and does the actions all the way through. It has not concerned me that he did not participate in the session because I know he is learning from it, but I met a parent recently who said she stopped going because her child didn’t do anything. When I told her about Harrison, she said maybe she should start again. As an Early Childhood Teacher I love everything about the hey dee ho program you run and your energy is fantastic. Have a well earned break and we will see you next year.

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