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Yes it is winter in Melbourne…

Yes it is winter in Melbourne… the days are colder, it’s darker, there’s lots of coughs and colds around. Sometimes you just don’t feel like venturing out the front door. But you still need to do something to entertain the kids.
Well here are a couple of options.

Run your own yoga sessions!
Tune into little rockers radio at 2pm everyday to hear a 10 minute fun-key yoga session. There are copies of the poses on their website and on the fun-key music Facebook page to help you out and it is a super fun and healthy activity everyone can do. Each week there is a different, fun theme where the poses are joined together with a story. Of course there is always a cool down segment at the end – laying down quietly is often the very best part of the yoga session (for mums) and this is a lovely way to introduce the wonderful world of yoga to your family.

Create a musical environment for your house… everything is better with a song. There are songs for getting dressed, for eating and bathing – in fact for most everything. You can make them up or check out our YouTube channel for ideas. Watch the difference a song makes – it encourages children to join in, to sing along and makes even the most mundane and sometimes difficult activity a joyous shared moment.

Or did you know that hey dee ho can come to you and run a session in the comfort of your own house? Music or yoga sessions are available so why not grab a few friends and arrange a time to enjoy a fun and educational activity. Perfect for Mother’s groups, playgroups and also birthday parties.

11 Fun-key yoga poses to do with your child

As winter approaches we tend to stay inside more. Without a lot of physical activity children’s energy can become stagnant and they can grow restless. Try the following sequence with your child for a fun and relaxing imaginary journey into nature that is designed to release any stale energy in the body and bring it back to its harmonious alignment by working sequentially with every chakra. When our chakras are aligned we are like a clean pipe; the natural flow of wellbeing, creativity and joy will flow through us unhindered.

June 21 is International Yoga Day.

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