Hey Dee Ho Music

hey dee ho music - sing, dance, play and learn - music for ALL ages.

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Fun-Key Yoga

Our yoga classes are quite different from the typical - animated, noisy & fun!

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Fiction Factory

Fiction Factory takes kids on a literacy adventure with tales, tongues and toes!

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Active 8

hey dee ho Active 8 is a multi skilled fitness program for all ages.

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Fun-Key Music

Designed for primary aged children to learn singing & performance skills.

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Early Experiences

Babies are born with billions of brain cells. During the first years of life, they form connections with other brain cells. Over time, the connections we use on a regular basis become stronger.

Those cells we do not use, die off. This is the time when children are open to all forms of language. Early experiences contribute significantly to the structure of the brain and its capacities. The quality, quantity and consistency of stimulation will determine to a large extent the number of brain synapses that are formed and how those connections will function. This is true for both cognitive and emotional development, and the effect is life-long.

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Weekly Classes

Early Learning Centres

Early Learning Centres

hey dee ho currently run our music, fitness, yoga and drama classes in over 300 early learning centers across Australia. Sessions can be set up as centre or parent paid. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or term based incursi

parent child classes

Parent Child Classes

At hey dee ho music we aim to provide babies, toddlers, preschool children and their parents or care givers an opportunity to have fun together sharing the pleasure of music. All activities in the musical program involve

Intergenerational Classes

Fun for the very young and the young at heart Concerts are held at retirement and aged care facilities, on a monthly or fortnightly basis. Residents and children love to join in the activit