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5 great ideas to repurpose pla...

5 great ideas to repurpose plastic bags

5 great ideas to repurpose plastic bags for your Earth Day Act of Green

While everyone is doing their best to avoid single use plastic, there is still the problem of all the plastic bags and wrappers that are currently sitting in houses and businesses across Australia. Rather than seeing them end up in landfill, here are some great ways to repurpose that plastic into something useful which the kids can help you with!

1. Construct a kite


Learn how to make your kite here


2. Craft a hanging light


Get the instructions to these beauties here


3. Weave a basket

Start weaving your own basket with the instructions here


4. Fashion a skipping rope

Katie Gill-Harvey

Skip to your own beat with your homemade skipping rope here


5. Make some decorative flowers

Find the instructions here


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