The Magic of Peek-a-Boo...

Have you ever wondered why children love playing Peek-a-Boo?  Swiss Psychologist, Jean Piaget (1896-1980) explains that up until about 4 months of age a child believes that if an object can't be seen then it no longer exists.  This explains why, when a carer covers their face during a game of Peek-A-Boo a baby will laugh hysterically, thi

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5 great ideas to repurpose plastic bags...

5 great ideas to repurpose plastic bags for your Earth Day Act of Green While everyone is doing their best to avoid single use plastic, there is still the problem of all the plastic bags and wrappers that are currently sitting in houses and businesses across Australia. Rather than seeing them end up in landfill, here are some gr

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So you know I’m adopted…...

It’s still a line to which most people are unsure how to respond……but having never known any different and having always known I was “especially chosen”, I never had the level of disconnect that I know other adoptees have experienced.  That’s not to say I’ve never wondered about my birth mother, her family and ancestry and particularly my

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Happy Hallow’s Eve...

Happy Hallow's Eve from hey dee hooooooooo! Written by Jill McPartlane I have to admit, it’s my favourite time of year!  Sure, I’ve had over 40 years of experience, celebrating the delight of Halloween, but I love bringing the excitement to my own children and sharing the joy it brings. Growing up in on the West Coast of America,

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Yes it is winter in Melbourne…...

Yes it is winter in Melbourne… the days are colder, it’s darker, there’s lots of coughs and colds around. Sometimes you just don’t feel like venturing out the front door. But you still need to do something to entertain the kids. Well here are a couple of options. Run your own yoga sessions! Tune into little rockers radio at 2pm every

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